Cham Yeam Resort

Cham Yeam Resort is located in mondul seima district, about 10 kilometers northwest of koh kong provincial town, near the Cambodia-thai international border. Cham yeam is a semi-natural site developed 1997 by neak oknha Li Yong Phat. He named it koh kong international resort. Today it attract many tourist, especially thais.

Cham Yeam Resort is one of the most beautiful resort in Cambodia because it has five-star hotels, guest houses, several casinos and an international zoo, koh kong safari world. Cham yeam beach features beautiful coconut trees.

The cham yean border checkpoint is open 8 a.m. until 5 p.m and from 10 p.m to 11 p.m to accommodate the import and export of goods.


Khun Chhang Khun Phen

Khun Chhang Khun Stupa sits on rock in the middle of the sea tributary, about 1 kilometers from the provincial town. The stupa is 4 meters high and made of concrete. Because the site is small only 40 square meter, including the stupa-it can accommodate only 10 to 15 visitors at a time. The stupa is about 1 kilometer from the provincial town. Koh kong residents workship there and often visit the site on national holidays and traditional festivals.

Khun Chhang Khun Phen is related to a khmer legend. Once upon a time, there was villager’s daughter named thim, who was loved by a man named khun chhang. Khun chahang was bold headed and not very handsome, but his family was rich.

Thim, however, did not love khun chhang, they became engaged and khun chhang married her. She later betrayed her husband to love a commander named khun phen. When khun chhang learned of his wife’s affair, he complained to the king. The king decided to cut thim’s body into two parts. Where she was killed. Because he wanted her to be reincarnated, khun chhang put up a soul flag pole on the east bank of the stream, facing where thim was buried. Then he built a stupa in memory of their love. Later, the west bank of the stream was named chetdey village, and the east bank was named dangtung village.

Ta Tai Waterfall Ta-Tai-Waterfall

Ta Tai Waterfall is a semi-natural site located in Ta Tai Vilage, Ta Tai Commune, Smach Meachey district, about 20 kilometes east of koh kong provincial town along national road 48. There are 84 families living in this area. They earn their living by fishing and hunting.

The waterfall has two stages. The first stage is 5 to 6 meters high; the second stages. The first stage is 12 to 15 meters high. Ta tai waterfall was developed as a model site in koh kong to attact local and foreign tourists.

Ta Tai waterfall is also known as ta eysei waterfall. According to legend, a man named ta tai and his son went to the waterfall to fish because the waterfall was the joining point between fresh water and salt water ta tai’s son. Four or five days later, however, the boy was found at the same spot from where he disappeared. When ta tai questioned his son, the boy said: ”there is someon who took me to a secret place, where he turned into a vampire and wanted to kill me. But suddenly Ta Eysei appeared to save me and took me back.”after hearing the story, ta tai and his wife believed that their son was saved by ta eysei or neak sa chang ever since then the waterfall has been called ta eysei waterfall or ta tai waterfall.

Koh Moul or Koh Kong Krav

Koh Moul the biggest island in Cambodia, is 22 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide. The island is located in koh kong and 7 kilometers wide. The island is located in koh kong district, about 24 kilometers south of koh kong provincial town. Koh moul is 350 meters above sea level. The island has many hills and is rich in natural scenery.Koh-Kong-Bridge

Koh Kong Krav has more than 10 waterfalls that range from 6 to 25 meters is height. Koh mool features six beautiful beaches, known as deum doung beach 1 to 6 , that range from 3000 to 5000 meters long. All have beautiful while sand and limpid water. The waters surrounding the island are full of black and white dolphins that appear along the beach from 9 to 10:30 in the morning and 5 to 7:30 in the evening.

Kbal Chhay or Koh Por

Kbal Chhay waterfall is located in mondul seima district, about 16 kilometers north of koh kong provincial town, kbal chhay or koh por is a natural site along a high mountain range and forest. To reach koh por, visitors travel along a stream amid beautiful scenery.

Kbal Chhay gets its water from the pursat stream. The waterfall is 10 meters high and 8 meters wide during the rainy season. In dry season there is less water, so locals and tourists visit the site and relax under the big rocks that resemble a cave.

Koh Sdech

Koh Sdech is located in kirisakor district, about 81 kilometers south of koh kong provincial town. It attrach visitors from sihanoukville and sre ambil district.

Koh Sdech features a long beach, and the sea is filled with a variety of fish. The site is excellent for snorkeling or scubadiving, as the water is clear, and an array of coral can be seen growing at the bottom of the sea.

According to legend, there once was a king who commanded an army on the island. Because there was no fresh water, the king searched everywhere to find some. At last he found a rock near the sea. Thinking the rock might contain water, the king drem his sword and split open the rock, releasing an endless flow of water that local people still use today.

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