Phnom Yat

Phnom Yat is a cultural and historical site located in Pailin city. It is not only a holy place where people come to worship, but also the heart of Pailin city.Pailin-3

The mountain is 60 meters high, 700 meters long, 300 meters wide and covers 30,000 square meters. The top is accessible on foot or by vehicle. A staircase of 242 steps, each step about 25 centimeters high, was completed on Oct 13, 1998.

The site includes an old pagoda similar to Kola pagoda. It was built on the hilltop by the Kola people in 1922. There are many ancient structures on Phnom Yat, including big and small stupas and Asroms. The area holds many superstitions for Pailin residents and some visitors.

Although a wealth of gems already have been mined in Pailin, the hill is still believed to hold more. Many kiosks, or small cottages, are available for visitors to relax in on the mountaintop.

Pailin-2Wat Rattanak Sopoan

About 50 meters from the foot of Phnom Yat is another pagoda, Wat Rattanak Sopoan. On the walls of the fence surrounding the pagoda is a bas-relief depicting the story of Churning of the Ocean of Milk which is similar to the wonderful bas-reliefs on the wall of Angkor Wat.

Phnom Koy

Phnom Koy is located in Sangkat Stung Kach, Khan Sala Krao, about 20 kilometers north of Pailin city. Phnom Koy is a national site rich in forest and big lianas. A natural stream flows down this mountain.



O’Eb is a natural site located in Sangkat O’Chras, Khan Pailin about 10 kilometers northwest of Pailin city along the road to Bo Yakha and Bo Tang Sour. It has a waterfall.


O’Tavao is located in Sangkat O’Tavao, Khan Pailin, about 5 kilometers from Pailin city. It is a natural site rich in beautiful scenery and clean water, which flows from Phnom Khieu.

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