O’Smach is on the Cambodia-Thai border, about 41 kilometers north of oddar meanchey province town features am resort which include a number of casinos, good restaurants and luxury hotels. The resort has been organized by the royal Group and VIP shop Group companies.


Khmer Rouge Cultural SitesOddar-Meanchey-5

In Anlong veng district, anlong Road 60, about 100 kilometers east of oddar meanchey

Provincial town is a house once owned former khmer rouge Commander Ta Mok. From 1979 until late 1997, this area was organized and controlled by khmer Rouge armies. Some remaining statues describe the way the rebels live and now they arranged their troop during their bloody struggle against the government.

In addition, in the forest is a pile of tires which is believed to be the funeral pyre and burial site of Pol Pot, the leader of khmer Rouge. Many tourists go to anlong veng to see photograph the site and activities associate with the famer regime, and the government has discussed turning this area into a historical site to attract even more tourist .


Champai Waterfall

Champai waterfall Laang Ta Thong waterfall is 35 kilometers northeast of oddar meanchey provincial town. A Oddar-Meanchey-2natural site, it includes a huge boulder that measures 500 meters square. There is also a mountain valley on both sides of the waterfall the surrounding area is full of flower, particularly orchids.

About 500 meters form the waterfall, there is a natural and cultural site organized by the monk who meditate at the site. Known as Rout Champai, it has a number of statues that describe the life process from birth until death, as well as other religious and wildlife statues

The provincial tourism office is organizing and developing other attractions in oddar meanchey province, including Tonle sar, O’Angkrom site Sneung temple, tropiang Baray and tuol kruoy, a killing field during the khmer Rouge regime and the site of a khmer Rouge prison.

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