Prey Basac

Prey Basac is located in Svay Rieng district, about 9kilometers southeast of Svay Reing provincial town. Prey Basac covers 84 square meters. It is the former site of an ancient temple long since destroyed war. However, the site still attracts local people and foreigners because of the rich site ware improve, it could attract even more tourists.


Bavet International Border

Located 48kilometers from Svay Rieng provincial town is the international border with Vietnam. The Bavet checkpoint is the main international border crossing for people traveling between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.

Bavet’s main attraction is two casinos that are within short walking distance of the border. These casinos are very popular with foreigners crossing the border. There is also a market, Ssa Nat, where goods are transferred between Cambodia and Vietnam.

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