Phnom Reabbat is a cultural and natural site located in andoung chhey district, anlong chhey commune, rolear Paear, about 12kilometers south of kompong chhang provincialTown.

The site feature small, beautiful mountain and abundant fresh air. There is footprint of hermit TaProhm and a pagoda on the mountain top, where Cambodians gather during festival day. The stone on Phnom Roabbat is very good for sharpening knives. The spot is related to the Ta preng legend in Cambodian folklore.

Phnom Santouch

Phnom Santouch is a natural site located at Santouch village, Sre Thmey commune, Rolea Paear district, about 3kilometers north of provincial town.

Point of interest at this site includes a large stone related to khmer legend, beautiful scenery that is popular with photographer and filmmaker and a panoramic view of the great lake Tonle Sap. On the hilltop, there is on old Chinese temple, where visitor like to relax.

Phnom Krang Romeas

Phnom Krang Romeas is located in Sre Thmei and Svay Chrum commune, Rolea Paear district, about 2kilometers from the provincial town. It is a natural site abundant in big tree and fresh air. Cambodians gather hear during holiday, particularly khmer New Year and Pchom Ben.

Phnom Ta Reach

Phnom Ta Reach is a natural and historical site located in Phnom Touch village Ponro Commune, Rolea Paear district about 10kilometers west of Provincial town.

From 1976 to 1978, khmer rouge used forced labourers and prisoner to break down the rocky hill at this site, which was 200 meters long, nearly 3 meters wide and 6 meters high.

There is also a big and small hill covers with palm trees. Fresh air is abundant. Local’s frequency visits this site during festivals.

Tonle Sap View

Tonle Sap View area is located in front of Phear krom, about 1kilometers from the provincial town. The site include many floating houses and fishing lots, where locals raise and want to learn about Cambodian fishermen and those people who live on the river.Kampong-Chhnang-1

In addition to the site mentioned above, Kompong Chhnang province has numerous other temple and historical sites that have not been organize and are not so well known.

They include:

Ponareay Temple: located in Elech village, Chra Nuk commune, Compong Leng district, about 13kilometers from the provincial town.

Pros or Saklor temple: located in kongkeap village Chra Nuk commune, Compong Leng district, about 19kilometers from the provincial town.

Srei Temple: located in Prasat village, Da commune, Compong Leng district, about 17kilometers from the provincial town.

Thma Bdei or Slotey: located in leng village Compong Leng district, about 15kilometers from the provincial town.

Konpong Preah Temple: located in wat Kompong Preah Chnouk Tru commune, Boribo district, Compong Leng district, about 8kilometers from the provincial town.

Wat Traliang Klang: an old city located in Lung vek commune, Kompong Tra Lach district, about 24kilometers from the provincial town.

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