Venerable Site of Neakta Kliang MeungPursat-2

The venerable site of Neakta Kliang Meung is an important historical site in Cambodia. It is located in Snam Preah commune, Bakan district, about 6 kilometers south of Pursat provincial town.

Animist believers go there to worship at the statue of the guardian spirit Neakta Kliang Meung. This statue was constructed in 1993 to replace an older statue destroyed during the war. The area in front of the statue is a place of worship, while the area behind the statue is where locals gather to play traditional games on Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben festival.


Baktra is a natural site about 16 kilometers south of Pursat provincial town along National Road 56. This site includes a 50-meter-high hill, a forest, a large stone, a stream from which water flows year round, and many natural wells. Fruit trees are abundant, particularly kuy or sei moan. Baktra is also an important place of worship.

Pursat-1Phnom Ba Klas

Phnom Ba Klas is a natural and cultural site located in Tnaot Chum village, Tnaot Chum commune, Krakor district, about 20 kilometers east of the provincial town. The site affords visitors beautiful scenery and abundant fresh air. The nearby mountains are filled with small fruit trees, especially kuy and sei moan, which are popular among visitors. An old, crumbling pagoda still contains many statues and sculptures. Khmer people still come there to worship.

Kampong Luong

Kampong Luoung is a natural site located on the Tonle Sap in Kampong Luong commune, Krakor district, about 35 kilometers east of Pursat provincial town. The site is a sand cape suitable for swimming during the dry season. During the rainy season, especially during Pchum Ben, many Cambodians gather there to play Chaol Teuk Leak on the river. The game can be dangerous, however, because it is often played while in small boats.

There are four other sites that Pursat residents prefer to visit. They include:

Kampeng: located in Pro Ngil village, Pro Ngil commune, Kravanh district, about 20 kilometers from the provincial town.
Phnom Dak Preah: located in Roleap village, Roleap commune, Pursat district, about 10 kilometers from the provincial town.
Koh Sampeou Meas: located in front of the provincial hall in the middle of Pursat Island. It covers 2 hectares.
Preah Theat: located in Sre Sdok village, Sre Sdok commune, Kan Deang district, about 20 kilometers from the provincial town.

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